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Ozark Biomedical takes pride in providing our customers with quality services and products. Here is some of what our customers are saying about us:

Thanks for anonther great motor... John Gunther - Lab Performance Specialist

It is not often I find myself writing to a company,mfg ,3rd party etc.for praise but in this instance I just wanted to thank you guys for an overall great experience. Being in the Biomed repair business for over 25 yrs, you guys are an exception to the fustrations we normally deal with. From your people answering phone,to tech support,to parts ordering and simplfying the return parts return it is a pleasure working with your organization and I want to thank you again... Tony M.

I just wanted to thank you and your technical support group at Ozark Biomed, especially Gerald who always leads us towards the light. Your entire technical support team always comes to the rescue and dedicate as long as it takes to get our issues resolved. Last week I ordered a centrifuge knob that your team could not pull from the shaft and sell it to me. Instead, they sent me the entire assembly so I could get my customer back in business by the next day. That is what I call "Great Customer Service." Thank you again for your great support.....Carlos M.

I feel the staff at Ozark Biomedical is the best . Everyone I have come in contact with does an outstanding job in the area of customer service.Whenever I call for a part,price or advice, the staff is on top of the situation.Many times I've called for a part that was hard to get but Ozark has always come through. The staff has shown me respect and kindness. When I call Ozark Biomedical,I'm not a number but feel like part of a family.....Manny

Hello, Just wanted to drop you a line letting you know how much I appreciate all your employees there at OB, especially the guys in service. I've been in the Biomed field for 25 years and have dealt with a lot of companies. Your guys are at the top of my list. Always they've been more than patient, courteous, and extremely knowledgable. Thank you all.....Michael I. GE Healthcare

You guys are doing a great job. I appreciate all the help from your service and sales staff. They have been quick and reliable......Earl G. UK Hospital

I would like you to know that Iíve been doing business with Ozark Biomedical since 2007 and I am very impressed with the work the techs perform on the centrifuge PC boards and motors. I even recommended Ozark Biomedical to a couple of my vendors. All in all, I have nothing but good things to say about Ozark Biomedicalís employees from the techs to the customer service department.
Thanks again for helping resolve my issue.
Mary Alice
Novum Pharmaceutical Research Services