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Allegra 6

Allegra 6/R Parts Listing

Allegra 6/6R Exchange

P/N:OCM-02R  Price:$1186.00

Brush/Pair Kit. Contains Brush Caps, Grommets, Locknuts & 2 pair of CB-155

P/N:CB-155A  Price:$111.00

Dust Cover with felt

P/N:10200  Price:$119.00

Brush/Pair for Beckman Allegra 6/6R ,GP/GPR, GS-6/Spinchron Autostop brush..

P/N:CB-155  Price:$46.00

Vibration Dampner

P/N:10197  Price:$133.00

Beckman GP/GPR,GS-6 Spinchron, Brush Pair, Solid Type Brushes Only

P/N:CB-081  Price:$47.00

Brush/Pair Kit. Contains Brush Caps, Grommets, Locknuts & pair of CB-081

P/N:CB-081A  Price:$59.00

Control PCB for Allegra 6 sold Exchange

P/N:10027  Price:$915.00

Display PCB Exchange

P/N:10043  Price:$209.00

Latch. Fits GP/GPR Allegra 6/6R, Exchange.

P/N:20116  Price:$556.00

Vibration Mount Kit *Click for more Info*

P/N:10153  Price:$705.89

Vibration Mount Kit *Click for more Info*

P/N:10158  Price:$1353.80

Rotor Tiedown Nut, For GH-3.8, GA-10, And GA-24 Rotors (Requires O-Ring 10182)

P/N:10081  Price:$219.00


P/N:10122  Price:$207.00

Power Rocker Switch

P/N:10123  Price:$70.20

Motor Grommet

P/N:10160  Price:$6.00

Safety Lock Assy Exchange

P/N:20118  Price:$323.00

Motor Mounting Plate Adapter

P/N:10159  Price:$8.00

Vibration Mount Spacer *Click for Information*

P/N:10170  Price:$10.00

Aerosolve Cannister Kit. For JS-4.3, GH-3.8, GH-3.7

P/N:10176  Price:$2132.00

Bail For All Modular-Disk Adapters

P/N:10183  Price:$84.00

Bridge Rectifier

P/N:10115  Price:$152.26

Brake Resistor 13 Ohm 100W

P/N:10114  Price:$54.00

Motor Boot

P/N:10044  Price:$151.00

Hinge Kit *These are the Long Hinges*

P/N:10173  Price:$425.00

Foot Each

P/N:10100  Price:$27.30


P/N:10030  Price:$43.00

Thermistor Assy

P/N:10033  Price:$591.30

Brake Switch

P/N:10039  Price:$15.00


P/N:10045  Price:$248.00

Tach Sensor & Harness

P/N:10057  Price:$220.00

Timer 30 minute

P/N:10088  Price:$88.00

Cooling Fan For Chasis 115V

P/N:10090  Price:$79.00

Lid Open Switch

P/N:10110  Price:$36.00

Imbalance Switch

P/N:10111  Price:$30.00

Temp Meter *Special Order*

P/N:349760  Price:$735.80