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Centra W / Cellwasher 2 Plus

Complete Parts Listing
Complete Parts Listing

Flat Rate Repair For IEC Centra W / CW 2+

P/N:CENTRAW-FLAT  Price:$1820.00

Centra-W 5pin plug no clutch bearing..Exchange

P/N:OCM-08Y  Price:$1243.00

Centra-W 5pin with extended shaft/ Exchange

P/N:OCM-08W  Price:$1243.00

Centra W 6pin connector / Exchange

P/N:OCM-08V  Price:$1243.00

Ashland Electric Centra-W 5pin with extended shaft / Exchange

P/N:OCM-08W-1  Price:$1243.00

5-Pin W/O Clutch Bearing Motor-Exchange

P/N:OCM-08Y-1  Price:$1369.00


P/N:38645  Price:$75.00

Main Control Pcb. EPROM Ver. 3.6, Rebuild Only. Must call for RGA.

P/N:38386  Price:$704.00

Main Control Pcb. EEPROM Ver. 3.8, Refurbished, Exchange

P/N:38511  Price:$877.00

Main Control Pcb. EEPROM Ver. 3.7, Refurbished, Exchange

P/N:38540  Price:$877.00

Pump Motor

P/N:38452  Price:$611.00

Front panel **PCB Not Included**

P/N:38652  Price:$295.00

Motor Mounts, Each

P/N:38642  Price:$39.00

Tube Holder Pivot for Centra W 477 Rotor

P/N:38402  Price:$23.12

Grommet/ Plunger Kit

P/N:38588  Price:$24.00

Line Filter

P/N:38643  Price:$149.00

Fuse Drawer

P/N:38531  Price:$52.00

Power Outlet without Fuse Drawer

P/N:38464T  Price:$45.86

Pump Head Assy

P/N:38070  Price:$823.00

Rotor Assy Sold Refurbished Exchange

P/N:38301  Price:$1705.00

Pivot Ring

P/N:38369  Price:$322.00


P/N:38370  Price:$25.00

Tube Holder

P/N:38410  Price:$49.00

Pump Tubing, 1 piece

P/N:38449  Price:$25.00

Motor Fan Blade

P/N:38458  Price:$31.00

Tubing Kit

P/N:38465  Price:$241.00

Brake Resistor 200 Ohm.

P/N:38517  Price:$83.00

Latch Centra W Exchange

P/N:20133  Price:$373.00

Hinge for back mounted unit. Sold as each.

P/N:38671  Price:$134.00