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Marsters Incubator

Complete Parts Listing
Complete Parts Listing

The Marsters Incubator is no longer supported by BD/Clay Adams. Parts listed below are subject to availability.

Power Switch

P/N:421814  Price:$70.00

Pilot Light

P/N:421820  Price:$46.00


P/N:421823  Price:$346.00

Temp-Trim Top Plate

P/N:421828  Price:$99.00

myBlock ll- digital dry bath, dual chamber, without blocks, 115V

P/N:BSH5002  Price:$489.00

myBlock l- digital dry bath, single chamber, without blocks, 115V

P/N:BSH5001  Price:$535.90

Block, 24 x1.5ml centrifuge tubes (conical)

P/N:BSW1500  Price:$127.40

Block, 20 x 12mm or 13mm test tubes

P/N:BSW13  Price:$127.40

Block, 12 x 15ml centrifuge tubes

P/N:BSW15  Price:$98.00