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Complete Parts Listing
Complete Parts Listing

Readacrit Motor New

P/N:30131  Price:$271.95

Clay Adams, Readacrit/MP, Brush Pair, Black Or Silver Motor, .375 Brush Caps

P/N:CB-005  Price:$12.48

Clay Adams Readacrit/MP, Brush Pair, Silver Motor .625 Brush Caps

P/N:CB-089  Price:$44.88

Brush Kit for Readacrit with .625 brush caps1 pair of caps, 1 pair of brushes

P/N:421474  Price:$35.93

Brush Kit for Readacrit with .375 brush caps

P/N:421450  Price:$57.41

Safety Switch New Style, Readacrit

P/N:421454T  Price:$109.51

Latch & Hardware New Style

P/N:421459  Price:$17.75

Readacrit, Head Cover Assembly/Gullwing. New

P/N:421461T  Price:$108.50

Rubber Foot

P/N:421136T  Price:$6.50

Sedi-Cal Slide

P/N:421483  Price:$71.90

Balance Tube

P/N:421482  Price:$51.75


P/N:421479T  Price:$96.50

Lid Cover Assy

P/N:421476  Price:$120.75

Catch block

P/N:421473  Price:$16.25


P/N:421472  Price:$34.48

Old Style Safety Switch

P/N:42059105  Price:$48.25

Head Assy. New

P/N:421464  Price:$185.00

Head Cover Hardware *Special Order*

P/N:421463  Price:$41.50

Ball Catch

P/N:421460  Price:$34.65

Cushion For Rotor pk of 12

P/N:421471  Price:$15.75