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Spinchron DLX

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Spinchron DLX Parts Listing
Spinchron DLX Parts Listing

Spinchron DLX Motor Exchange with 6 Month Warranty.

P/N:OCM-02Q  Price:$750.00

Latch 120V New/Exchange **Special Order**

P/N:365706  Price:$1714.65

Dust Cover

P/N:10201  Price:$104.00

Vibration Dampner

P/N:10197  Price:$80.60

Vibration Mount Kit *Click for more Info*

P/N:10153  Price:$447.20

120V Latch. Exchange

P/N:20123  Price:$514.80


P/N:10045  Price:$175.50

Cooling Fan For Chasis 115V

P/N:10090  Price:$69.00

Imbalance Switch

P/N:10111  Price:$25.64

Motor Grommet

P/N:10160  Price:$4.50

Hinges pair

P/N:10059  Price:$754.00

Aerosolve Cannister Kit. For JS-4.3, GH-3.8, GH-3.7

P/N:10176  Price:$2132.00

Bail For All Modular-Disk Adapters

P/N:10183  Price:$63.70

Circuit Breaker 15A

P/N:10177  Price:$107.12

Touch Pad Sold Exchange **For 120V Units. **

P/N:10068  Price:$532.80

Motor Boot

P/N:10044  Price:$105.30

Safety Lock for Spinchron DLX. Sold Exchange

P/N:20119  Price:$265.20

Foot Each

P/N:10100  Price:$15.60

Door Seal

P/N:10002  Price:$65.00

Power PCB for Spinchron DLX. Sold Remanufactured / Exchange

P/N:10003  Price:$972.40

Front Panel Spacer For Power Board

P/N:10041  Price:$8.16

Clear Ring mount 6'' 1/2'' X 3/4''

P/N:10042  Price:$80.60

Display Ribbon Cable

P/N:10067  Price:$61.10

Display PCB Sold Refurbished / Exchange

P/N:10069  Price:$826.80

Touch Pad Control with Refurbished Display PCB, Exchange

P/N:10070  Price:$1100.00

Old-Style Tach Pick-up Assy

P/N:10073  Price:$150.80

New-Style Tach Pick-up

P/N:10074  Price:$89.70

Cover clips for PTS-2000 buckets

P/N:10079  Price:$12.50

GFCI--Circuit Breaker

P/N:10108  Price:$71.00

Brake Resistor 100 ohm 50 watt

P/N:10121  Price:$25.50

Exhaust Foam Assembly - Customer provides own spray adhesive for installation.

P/N:10264  Price:$124.80