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Hettich Centrifuges

We cover all Hettich Models. If you don't see your unit listed,
call 800-457-7576 and we will be happy to assist you.

EBA-12 Centrifuge

EBA-20 Centrifuge

EBA-20S Centrifuge

EBA-21 Centrifuge

EBA 200 / 200S Centrifuge

EBA 270 Centrifuge

EBA 280 Centrifuge

Mikro 20

Mikro 22R

Rotanta 460/R/RS

Rotina 35

Rotina 38

Rotina 46 / 46S

Rotina 380

Rotina 420/R

Rotofix 32

Rotofix 32A

Ultra CW

Universal 320 / 320R

Universal 32 /32R