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MHCT II / Autocrit Ultra 3

Complete Parts Listing
Complete Parts Listing

MHCT II, Ultra 3, Autocrit 3 Motor Assy (120V) NEW

P/N:30145  Price:$523.50

Brush, Pair. for Black Howard and Universal Motors

P/N:CB-001A  Price:$49.00

Jones Motor Brush & Cap Kit

P/N:421429  Price:$96.78

Brush/Pair Jones/Specialty Motor

P/N:CB-001B  Price:$32.82

Lid Safety Switch

P/N:421422  Price:$28.80

Head Adapter Nut

P/N:38333  Price:$11.88

Head Liner Rubber pk of 3

P/N:421411  Price:$13.40

Notched Hub Rubber Liner

P/N:421447  Price:$24.36

Guide Pin

P/N:421446  Price:$28.72

Rubber Foot

P/N:421136T  Price:$6.50

Timer & Data Plate

P/N:421421  Price:$258.00

"On" Lamp Assy

P/N:421427  Price:$31.50

Lid Gasket

P/N:421425  Price:$35.81

Cover Spring Assy. *Special Order*

P/N:421428  Price:$52.40