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ST16 Parts Listing
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Motor Exchange

P/N:OCM-35  Price:$900.00

Non-Refrig. PCB, Exchange. Does not include NVRAM

P/N:38675  Price:$1570.00

Latch Assembly Exchange

P/N:20155  Price:$768.00

Refrig. PCB Exchange. Does not include NVRAM

P/N:38676  Price:$1570.00

Lid Gasket

P/N:38610  Price:$84.00

Speed/Imbalance PCB with Boot **For removal tool, see P/N 70904693S**

P/N:38616  Price:$312.00

New-style gas shock w/ ball joint **Confirm Upgrade before purchase**

P/N:38660  Price:$175.00

Window for Lid

P/N:38134  Price:$13.00


P/N:38621  Price:$677.60

Gas Lid Stay Upgrade Kit for both Refrig and NON-Refrig Models

P/N:38638  Price:$347.00

Latch Hook, New

P/N:38612  Price:$193.00

Upper Gas Shock Mount

P/N:38636  Price:$103.00

Removal Tool for Auto-Lock.

P/N:70904693S  Price:$165.00

Gas Lid Stay Pin

P/N:38163  Price:$9.48