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MTS Centrifuge

5150-60 Flat Rate Repair

P/N:FR5150  Price:$676.00

MTS Motor Exchange

P/N:OCM-39  Price:$636.00

Spindle Assy. Exchange

P/N:20536  Price:$651.00

MTS Main PCB (For S/N XX-XX-2230 and Up) - Exchange

P/N:50000152R  Price:$877.00

Old-Style Main PCB (For S/N XX-XX-2230 and Below) NO LONGER AVAILABLE

P/N:57100048R  Price:$751.71

Display, 24 Card - Exchange

P/N:50000043R  Price:$440.00

MTS Latch - Exchange

P/N:20150  Price:$443.00

Retractable Cord

P/N:50000267T  Price:$212.00

MTS Drive Belt

P/N:50000052  Price:$52.00

Latch Strike

P/N:50000185T  Price:$98.00

Touch Pad

P/N:50000048  Price:$238.00


P/N:50000034  Price:$127.00

Rubber Foot

P/N:421136T  Price:$8.00