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Clinifuge / Labofuge 200

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Looking to Replace your old Clinifuge?
Consider a new Benchmark Scientific LC-8 Centrifuge!M

Clinifuge / Labofuge 200 Motor NEW Exchange

P/N:30130  Price:$559.36

Clinifuge / Labofuge 200 Motor Exchange

P/N:OCM-01Q  Price:$343.20

Main Board NEW Exchange-- PLEASE Include a Service Bulletin Sheet! (NCC)

P/N:38168  Price:$695.52

PCB New Style Remanufactured / Exchange--For PCB Number Ending in 17801

P/N:38169  Price:$425.57

Clinifuge, Rotor Nut

P/N:38138  Price:$25.60

Start Capacitor

P/N:38164  Price:$57.00

PM Kit Includes Rotor With Tubes Rotor Nut Bowl Seal Motor Boot Motor Mounts With Hardware ...

P/N:38177  Price:$630.24

Lid Gasket, New

P/N:38126  Price:$71.03

Window for Lid

P/N:38134  Price:$10.51

Hinge Kit

P/N:38133  Price:$31.20

Key Foil Baxter Clinifuge

P/N:38129  Price:$156.00

Roll Pin for Motor Shaft

P/N:38120  Price:$2.60

Main Power Switch

P/N:38153  Price:$34.84

Antivibration Mount

P/N:38128  Price:$26.21

Rubber Foot

P/N:38532  Price:$6.24