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Cellwasher II Parts

Complete Parts Listing
Complete Parts Listing
OCM-10M - Sorvall Cellwasher II motor exchange, GE Motor.
Sorvall, CW-II, GE Motor, Exchange

P/N:OCM-10M  Price:$894.40
OCM-10M-1 - Sorvall Cellwasher II motor exchange, EAD Motor.
Sorvall CW-II EAD Motor Exchange

P/N:OCM-10M-1  Price:$894.40
New Capacitors For GE Motor (3 10/10/10 Capacitors Only, No Harness Included)
GE Motor Capacitors Only 10/10/10

P/N:38015  Price:$225.00
New Capacitors For EAD Motor (3 15/20/25 Capacitors Only, No Harness Included)
Capacitor Kit EAD Motor 15/20/25

P/N:38031  Price:$249.60

Flow Switch Assy

P/N:38024  Price:$385.00
Sorvall Cellwasher II Latch assembly Exchange. P/N 20131 - OEM P/N 12792R
Latch CWII Exchange

P/N:20131  Price:$530.40

Distributor for rotor New Exchange..

P/N:38059  Price:$818.80

Flow Switch AssyPart Used/Inspected

P/N:38659  Price:$160.00
Sorvall Cellwasher II Front Display Panel Exchange.  P/N 38003.
Front Display Assy sold Refurbished, Exchange

P/N:38003  Price:$868.40

Magnet for the Latch plate

P/N:38097  Price:$31.05

Primary transformer

P/N:38096  Price:$55.00

Capacitor 5600 UF 35 V

P/N:38095  Price:$50.00

5 Volt Regulator

P/N:38090  Price:$40.70

Motor Mount

P/N:38080  Price:$20.39

Bottle Holder Kit For Drain Tray

P/N:38071  Price:$65.00

DA-12 Rotor/Tube Holder Refurbished/Exchange

P/N:38104  Price:$215.90

O Ring for Retainer Ring

P/N:38100  Price:$15.91

Fuse 6.25 amp Slo-Blow

P/N:38101  Price:$15.91

Saline Shield

P/N:38116  Price:$14.04

Latch Solenoid.

P/N:38118  Price:$140.40

Cooling Fan

P/N:38486  Price:$93.60

Lid Assembly sold Refurbished Exchange

P/N:38521  Price:$440.96

Decant Coil

P/N:38007  Price:$508.56

Rubber Foot with Screw. Each.

P/N:38099  Price:$7.25

Pump Head Assy

P/N:38070  Price:$626.16
Spring clip for DA-12 rotor.  P/N 38058 - OEM P/N 43231.
Spring clip for DA-12 rotor

P/N:38058  Price:$21.43

Collector Ring

P/N:38052  Price:$166.40

Nozzle Assy

P/N:38014  Price:$195.36

Retainer Ring

P/N:38012  Price:$189.28

Pump Tubing CW II (5-pk)

P/N:38011  Price:$65.00

Rear Wet Guard

P/N:38010  Price:$205.92

Clip Kit DA-12 Rotor

P/N:38009  Price:$180.96

Drive Ring

P/N:38008  Price:$176.90

Tubing Kit

P/N:38005  Price:$176.09

Bowl Assy Refurbished /Exchange..

P/N:38002  Price:$379.60

Power Switch with connector

P/N:38017  Price:$137.20

Front Panel Overlay

P/N:38018  Price:$152.64

Needle Pinch Valve

P/N:38050  Price:$37.44

Sealing Gasket

P/N:38033  Price:$6.35

Drain Tray

P/N:38030  Price:$40.00

Drain Tray Seal

P/N:38029  Price:$92.67

Used Latch Plate without Magnet

P/N:38028  Price:$110.40

Stainless Steel Hinge

P/N:38026  Price:$153.92

Saline Pump Motor Assy

P/N:38020  Price:$448.24

Corecom Assy

P/N:38019  Price:$197.60

Bowl guard

P/N:38001  Price:$186.16