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Complete Parts Listing
Complete Parts Listing

Brush Pair

P/N:CB-006A  Price:$30.14

HN-SII Armature Exchange ..CARTER ARM 2.06" DIAMETER/52.5MM

P/N:OCMA-08K-1  Price:$540.38

HN-SII Armature Exchange ..GE MEASURES 2.165" DIAMETER/55MM

P/N:OCMA-08K  Price:$540.38

Motor Assy HNSII / Exchange..Specify 6 or 12 bolts for the Bowl.

P/N:OCM-08K  Price:$1092.00

Speed Control Board sold Refurbished Exchange

P/N:38518  Price:$202.80

Speed Control Pot

P/N:38447  Price:$62.09


P/N:38389  Price:$21.00

Handle Spring

P/N:38362  Price:$17.58

Top Motor Cap

P/N:38349  Price:$76.00

Spring Washer

P/N:38348  Price:$8.30

Key HNS Armature

P/N:38337  Price:$25.00

Brush Holder Spring, pair.

P/N:38328  Price:$46.80

3-way Toggle Switch

P/N:38326  Price:$28.63

Foot Each

P/N:10100  Price:$14.30

Switch Brake

P/N:421196  Price:$42.12

Bumper for HNS/HNS IISet of 4

P/N:38650  Price:$25.00