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Triac Parts Listing
Triac Parts Listing

Triac Motor, Exchange, With Gear, for S/N 145000 and above

P/N:OCM-03E  Price:$435.00

Triac Motor, New Exchange, No Gear, for S/N 144999 and below.

P/N:30132  Price:$500.00

Triac Motor (without Gear) Exchange for S/N 145000 and below

P/N:OCM-03D  Price:$435.00

Transformer, Triac

P/N:421286T  Price:$37.35

Hinge Pin

P/N:53002  Price:$10.00

Head Cover With Knob

P/N:421280  Price:$180.95

Tach Sensor & Connector Assy

P/N:421284  Price:$221.68

PCB for Models S/N 145000 or higher NEW / Exchange

P/N:421287  Price:$461.71

Rubber Feet(pk of 4) same as 421274, Triac

P/N:421285T  Price:$15.75

Timer (115v) Triac

P/N:421265T  Price:$155.50

Safety Switch Triac (Single)For SN 145000 and up. For SN below 145000 use part# 421267

P/N:421283  Price:$97.75

Triac Lid Safety Switch Replacement KitFor SN below 145000(For SN 145000 and up Use 421283)

P/N:53003  Price:$93.73

Head Washer

P/N:421279  Price:$18.09

Tube Cushion(pk of 8),

P/N:421278  Price:$14.72

Trunnion Cushion (pk of 8)

P/N:421276  Price:$28.38

Triac Motor, New Exchange, With Gear, for S/N 145000 and above

P/N:30122  Price:$500.00

Tube Adapter,Triac 2ml 4 pack

P/N:420203  Price:$197.45

Tube Adapter, Triac 3ml 4 Pack

P/N:420204  Price:$283.96

Motor Gasket

P/N:421264  Price:$22.24

Triac Lid Assembly, NEW

P/N:421268  Price:$353.52

Cover Gasket

P/N:421269  Price:$26.00

Mode Selector Switch

P/N:421270  Price:$129.80

Head Fastner Nut *Special Order*

P/N:421272  Price:$38.93

Wrench Spanner

P/N:421275  Price:$23.92

Brush, Pair. For MSI & Carter Motors

P/N:CB-003  Price:$25.00