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Centra MP4/R

Centra MP4 Parts Listing
Centra MP4 Parts Listing

MP4/4R and Centra CL4 Exchange

P/N:OCM-08X  Price:$621.92

MP4/4R, Centra CL 4/4R..Motor Exchange

P/N:OCM-08Z  Price:$1000.48

MP4 Inverted Motor Exchange

P/N:OCM-08CC  Price:$1065.00

Centra MP4 Motor NEW /Exchange

P/N:30115  Price:$2415.00

Brush pair, fits OCM-08X

P/N:CB-071  Price:$23.80

Brush/Pair for OCM-08CC

P/N:CB-162  Price:$38.03

Brush Pair, fits OCM-08Z

P/N:CB-073  Price:$50.29

Latch Microswitch

P/N:38394  Price:$39.58

Fuse Drawer

P/N:38531  Price:$46.80

Motor Bellows for Models S/N 24382000 and Up

P/N:38474  Price:$62.39

Power Outlet without Fuse Drawer

P/N:38464T  Price:$45.86

Hinge Each

P/N:38461  Price:$364.00

Thermal Circuit Breaker

P/N:38448  Price:$27.04

Tach Sensor Only

P/N:38314  Price:$23.80

Latch sold Reconditioned Exchange

P/N:20130  Price:$414.80

Motor Mount Each

P/N:10119  Price:$120.90

Rotor Nut, New

P/N:38543  Price:$215.28