Ozark Biomedical - Your Centrifuge Specialty Store

Ozark Biomedical offers flat-rate repairs on the units listed below. Flat-rate services come with 6-month warranty and replaces all defective parts, returning units to OE operating condition. All flat-rate repairs do not include housings, external power supplies, or rotors. These parts may be purchased separately and are in addition to the flat-rate price.

To begin your Flat Rate repair, follow these steps.

1. Add the service to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Fill out the form. You can check out as a guest or if you create an account this form will auto populate on future repairs. After completion submit the order. You will get a thank you for your order notice. Your order has been submitted.

2. Customer service will contact you with an RGA# via email or txt depending upon your selection.

3. Decontaminate your centrifuge. Units sent in without decontamination will be charged an additional 450.00 fee. If the unit is severely contaminated it will be returned unrepaired.

4. Remove rotor and package separately and ship with unit in one box.

5. Put RGA# on outside of box and ship. The RGA # must be clearly labeled on the outside of the shipping box.

6. We will repair your unit and return via your preferred shipper. If we encounter repairs not included on the flat rate, we will contact you.

7. You will get an email when the unit ships.

**To send your centrifuge to Ozark Biomedical for Warranty Evaluation, Click Here**

Flat rate repair for StatSpin Express 2

P/N:RE-SSX2-R  Price:$875.00

Flat rate repair for IEC MB/MMB.

P/N:IECMB_FLAT-RATE  Price:$780.00

Flat rate repair for Hettich EBA 280/280S.

P/N:RE-EBA280  Price:$884.00

Flat rate repair For Express 3

P/N:RE-SSX3R  Price:$950.00

Flat Rate Repair For IEC Centra W / CW 2+

P/N:CENTRAW-FLAT  Price:$1820.00

Flat Rate Repair for Helmer Ultra CW

P/N:ULTRCW-FLAT  Price:$2600.00

Flat Rate Repair For Sorvall Cellwasher II

P/N:CWII-FLAT  Price:$1560.00

Flat rate repair for EBA 20

P/N:EBA20FLAT-RATE  Price:$676.00

Flat rate repair for EBA 21.

P/N:EBA21FLAT-RATE  Price:$1040.00

Flat rate repair for SeroFuge 2000 Series.

P/N:SEROFUGE2000_FLAT-RA  Price:$995.00

Flat Rate Ortho Workstation

P/N:FROK6904630  Price:$832.00

5150-60 Flat Rate Repair

P/N:FR5150  Price:$676.00

Flat Rate Repair For Express 4

P/N:FRR-M510-R  Price:$995.00

Flat rate repair for StatSpin CytoFuge 2

P/N:RE-SSCF2-R  Price:$676.00

Flat Rate Repair For Cytospin 2 / 3 Units

P/N:A78300003R  Price:$676.00

Flat rate repair for StatSpin MP.

P/N:RE-SSMP-R  Price:$676.00

Flat rate repair for EBA 20S

P/N:EBA20SFLAT-RATE  Price:$884.00