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Core Charge Fee

Ozark Biomedical provides many products on an exchange basis. These exchange products save you money. The core product must be returned and repairable or a core charge will be assessed. This core charge is typically the difference between Ozark's price and the OEM's listed pricing. For more information, please click here.

This website contains the most common failure laboratory centrifuge parts as historically determined by our customers. It is, by no means, a complete list of our inventory or available parts! We provide new and rebuilt motors, brushes, latches, circuit boards, spindles/gyros, belts, a wide variety of chassis parts, rotors, inserts and much more in new, rebuilt or gently used condition at a tremendous savings compared to OEM. We also provide centrifuges in new, refurbished or used (gently) conditions that will compound your savings. Just because you donít see an item on this site, it does not mean that we donít have it or canít get it. It simply means demand is not high enough to place it on the site as of yet.